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Federal Mandamus / Unlawful Delays

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What is Federal Mandamus/Unlawful Delays?

A “mandamus” action may be filed in court to compel USCIS, or any administrative agency, to act where there has been an unreasonable delay that causes harm to the applicant.

What a mandamus lawsuit can do is force an administrative agency to take action. What it cannot do is order the administrative agency to rule in any particular way on your specific application.

This lawsuit must be filed in U.S. District Court. If successful, a federal judge will order USCIS to issue a decision on your case. 

Filing a mandamus action is serious. Often, just the filing of this action in U.S. District Court results in USCIS issuing a decision to avoid further litigation. 

If you or a loved one have experienced an unreasonable delay and believe you all have a right to the immigration relief you requested and have exhausted all other administrative remedies to compel a decision, please contact us TODAY! 

We will help you and your family find a resolution, so you may continue on with your life and not face another day of delay. 

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